Combining the latest radiodetection technology with top of the line survey equipment you can have confidence that the best tools are in the right hands.

The RD8100 is the most advanced and flexible Radio Detection unit on the market. The RD8100 uses a brand of new technology “Peak + Guidance” using proportional guidance arrows to center the locator over the utility more quickly. “Peak + Null” helps to identify signal distortion in congested locate areas. Also boasting a first of it’s kind “ 4khz Current Direction” allowing accurate tracing of higher impedence facilities over longer distances.

Ground Penetrating Radar – Using high frequency radio waves to reflect subsurface objects GPR can be used to detect underground service tanks, rebar in concrete, unlocatable watermains and more.

Sonde / Traceable duct roder – Storm and Sanitary facilities can be found on every worksite but tracing them is not possible without additional tools. Using a traceable duct rodder / sonde we propogate a signal and mark out storm and sanitary facilities with ease.

Trimble R10 GPS Technology – Working with the latest in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) GPS Technology our Trimble R8, R10 is able to maintain strong signal communication with space orbiting GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, Galileo and BeiDousatelite networks. This advanced technology ensures higher quality data acquisition and porcesing at a faster rate than ever before.

Trimble S6, S8 Total Station GPS Technology – We utilize the latest in survey equipment including Trimble S6 and S8 for specialized high-precision applications. Technological innovation delivers the capability to measure distances to an acuracy of +/- 0.8m +1pm.